Janjevo is unique in Kosovo as a multi-ethnic town (with Albanian, Croatian, Turkish, Roma, Ashkali and Bosnjak inhabitants) where there has been not a single case of interethnic killing either before, during or since the Kosovan war of 1998-1999. Likewise, there have been no cases of homes being burned as a result of interethnic tension.


The town used to have a larger Croatian population, though many of them left during the 1990s when Croatia became independent of Yugoslavia. They left behind them often large traditional houses, now overgrown with ivy or tumbledown in romantic - but ultimately depressing - neglect.

Photograph (C) Takeda Vasiljevic Igor

There are still many things to draw visitors to the seclusion (surrounded by hills on three sides it is the only land-locked settlement in Europe to have only one road in and out) of this beautiful village. 

Visit the imposing Catholic church as well as the mosque in the marketplace, the birthplace of folklorist and poet Shtefan Gjecovi (best known as the collector of the oral tradition of the 'Kanun of Leke Dukagjini' traditional Albanian law), and Kosovo's first post office.

Photograph (C) Jozefina Nick Kolic

The town used to be known for mining and its links to the metal factory, closed down after privatisation. But small-scale production - of musical instruments, small practical items such as combs and crockery, and handcrafts - still continue. The town is also famous for its delicious sausages.

Walking tours and horseriding are available in the town, as well as homestay with local families. There is more information on the website dedicated to tourism in Janjevo. For more images of the town, see the active Facebook page, 'Putting Janjevo on the Map' and the wonderful  - beautiful, cheeky and thought-provoking - images taken by children from the town at www.hellojanjevo.com

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